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Kristen Kish named Chef de Cuisine at Menton

Top Chef Seattle Winner Kristen Kish has a new job starting June 3. She has moved on from Stir to as the Chef de Cuisine at Barbara Lynch’s French restaurant Menton in the Fort Point neighborhood on the waterfront. “Watching her – along with the rest of the country- ultimately win Top Chef reinforced what I already […]

The Chew Recipe of the Day: Carla’s Pie Dippers

I love The Chew. I watch everyday and I feel Michael, Daphne, Mario, Carla and Clinton are a part of my family now. I watch it all the time with my sister, Jocelyn, and it’s great because it’s funny, sometimes inappropriately so and I learn a lot about food and get good recipe ideas. So I’m […]

And the Winner of The Taste Is…

Khristianne Uy of Los Angeles and private chef to none other than Mr. Tiger Blood himself, Charlie Sheen. That means Team Brian Malarkey wins, even though he was the least well-known chef on the show. It was down to Diane of Team Tony and Sarah of Team Ludo. Surprisingly, Greg of Team Ludo was kicked […]

Kish’s Pop Ups

Top Chef Seattle Winner Kristen Kish is showcasing her dishes that made her a top chef. She will be explainng the origin of how she came up with each dish that you can try yourself a few of Barbara Lynch’s restaurants in the next few months including a five course meal at No. 9 Park […]